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Use Component

Import the Image component and specify the url to the resource route used by the imageLoader function. The loaderUrl prop is optional if the resource route has been created at the path "/api/image".

import Image from "remix-image";

size: {
width: 100,
height: 100,
maxWidth: 200,
dprVariants={[1, 3]}


loaderUrlstringYes when using cloudinaryLoader or imgixLoader for loader prop"/api/image"The path of the image loader resource route. The loaderUrl prop is optional if the resource route has been created at the path "/api/image".
loaderClientLoaderremixImageLoaderThe ClientLoader to use for generating the transformed image.
responsive{ size: { width: number; height: number; }; maxWidth?: number; }[][]An array of responsive sizes. The resource route is not called if this prop is not provided.
optionsTransformOptions{}TransformOptions that can be used to override the defaults provided to the loader.
dprVariantsnumber or number[][1]Different DPR variants to generate images for. This value will always be merged into an array with value [1].

ClientLoader Options

By default, remixImageLoader is used. If you would like to use an external ClientLoader, please refer to the ClientLoader documentation.

Note: The Image component extends the native img element, so any props used with img can be provided to the Image component.


export interface TransformOptions {
/** Width of resulting image. (optional, default null) */
width?: number | null;
/** Height of resulting image. If width is present, this takes priority. (optional, default null) */
height?: number | null;
/** The content type of the resulting image. (optional, default source type) */
contentType?: MimeType;
/** How the image should be resized to fit both provided dimensions. (optional, default 'contain') */
fit?: ImageFit;
/** Position to use when fit is cover or contain. (optional, default 'center') */
position?: ImagePosition | string | number;
/** Background color of resulting image. (optional, default [0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00]) */
background?: Color;
/** Quality, integer 1-100. (optional, default 80) */
quality?: number;
/** zlib compression level, 0-9. (optional, default 9) */
compressionLevel?: number;
/** Number of animation iterations, use 0 for infinite animation. (optional, default 0) */
loop?: number;
/** Delay between animation frames (in milliseconds). (optional, default 100) */
delay?: number;
/** The number of pixels to blur the image by. (optional, default null) */
blurRadius?: number | null;
/** The number of degrees to rotate the image by. (optional, default null) */
rotate?: number | null;
/** The direction to mirror the image by. (optional, default null) */
flip?: FlipDirection | null;
/** The location to crop the source image before any other operations are applied. (optional, default null) */
crop?: CropOptions | null;