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Sharp is a faster image transformer that uses native node packages. Replacing the default image with Sharp will greatly increase the performance of initial image transformations.

However, because Sharp uses native node packages it cannot be used on Cloudflare, so it must be installed separately.

If you would like to use Sharp, follow the steps below:


If you want to use a faster image transformer, install:

npm install -S remix-image-sharp sharp
yarn add remix-image-sharp sharp

Add To Your Loader Config

import type { LoaderFunction } from "remix";
import { imageLoader, DiskCache, MemoryCache } from "remix-image/server";
import { sharpTransformer } from "remix-image-sharp";

const config = {
selfUrl: "http://localhost:3000",
cache: new DiskCache(),
transformer: sharpTransformer

export const loader: LoaderFunction = ({ request }) => {
return imageLoader(config, request);

For an example project using Sharp, look at this example.